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Skeiðarásandur, Iceland. photo by Marie l’Amuse


Skeiðarásandur, Iceland. photo by Marie l’Amuse


best fanfic tropes:

  • 'i guess we'll have to share the bed'
  • 'maybe we should pretend to date'
  • 'oh no….look like we trapped in this closet together….'
  • 'my room mate is kind of hot?????'


Lutz Bacher, Appropriated Celestial Photographs, (2012)



J.D. Salinger goes up to the counter and orders an iced skinny flavored latte. He pays for it, but when the barista tries to give it to him, he instead attempts to engage her in conversation, claiming that he didn’t really want the coffee in the first place. Also, everyone is a phony.


me on the internet: gay

me irl: gay, but quietly


Joshua Dudley Greer - Point Pleasant (2009-12)

Artist’s statement:

"The West Virginia Ordnance Works (WVOW) was an explosives manufacturing facility constructed during World War II just outside Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

Occupying 8,000 acres along the eastern bank of the Ohio River, the WVOW was built specifically for the production and storage of trinitrotoluene (TNT).

At its peak, nearly 500,000 pounds of TNT were produced here each day and stored in a massive array of concrete igloos. The site was officially declared surplus and closed in 1945, after which time much of the land was deeded to the state of West Virginia for the creation of the McClintic State Wildlife Management Area.

A large system of ponds and wetlands was constructed as a habitat for waterfowl, migratory birds and other wildlife species. This area came to be known simply as T.N.T. and developed into a popular hangout for local youth, hunters and fishermen.

In the early 1980’s, EPA and state investigations revealed that the groundwater, soil and surface water of T.N.T. were heavily contaminated with explosive nitroaromatic compounds including TNT, trinitrobenzene, and dinitrotoluene, as well as arsenic, lead, beryllium and asbestos.

The site was placed on the EPA’s National Priority List in 1983 and extensive cleanup efforts began in 1991. While a large portion of the original facility has been remediated, many of the toxic and explosive contaminants were simply buried on site. The remnants of the WVOW facility survive as relics to our nation’s violent history, while the re-purposed landscape hides much of its true nature just beneath the surface.

The site that remains outside Point Pleasant is a haunting place of beauty, mystery and violence.

Using an 8x10 view camera, I am photographing the ruins of a once monumental military-industrial complex as it tangles with the surrounding landscape of forest, fields and swamp. While certain structures offer a glimpse of what has transpired on this site, many of my photographs refer indirectly to violence and environmental neglect through metaphor. The repetition of specific imagery is intended to create a labyrinth of sorts where certain motifs are experienced over and over. The interplay of visibility and invisibility that runs throughout these images alludes to the way in which we commonly misperceive both contamination and beauty through strictly visual means.”

1. Path S7 (Entrance)

2. TNT Storage Igloo N1-B

3. TNT Storage Igloos in Pond

4. Dead Deer

5.Buried Asbestos and Explosives Contamination

6. Interior, TNT Storage Igloo S4-A

7. Nests

8. Interior, TNT Storage Igloo S1-A

9. Mandible

10. Bullets


Julião Sarmento - Untitled (1994-5)


Julião Sarmento - Untitled (1994-5)

biggest hits from the 00’s translated to swedish


  • hoppsan jag gjorde det igen
  • min milkshake får alla pojkar till trädgården
  • stacys mamma
  • brinn, bebis, brinn
  • höfter ljuger inte
  • jaga bilar
  • jag önskar jag var en punkrockare
  • hej där delilah
  • ketchuplåten
Your brain is wired for survival, not happiness. That is why it keeps bringing up negative emotions, past mistakes and worries about the future. Because of this wiring, you can get stuck in repetitive cycles of self-criticism, worry and fear that interfere with your ability to enjoy the present moment.

Why anxiety is so hard to manage (via lucreza)

We could barely see the water for all the fog, let alone make out the opposite side of this little lake (one of almost 100 000 lakes in Sweden).


We could barely see the water for all the fog, let alone make out the opposite side of this little lake (one of almost 100 000 lakes in Sweden).


Anton Lisin


Anton Lisin